I’ve Since Lost My Moxy!


I got the chance to ride the brand new revamped roller coaster ride, Wicked Cyclone, at Six Flags New England this past Wednesday. The perks of knowing a radio DJ! 🙂 They setup a gopro for riders in the very first car and recorded our reaction throughout the ride! LMAO I’m still alive today to share this video with you!

*My face at 2:01 though!! ROFL (Do people still use this acronym? Am I dating myself?)

When I was younger, I used to be the little daredevil. Like “BRING IT ON!!! I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF DANGER!!”
These days, the closest thing I get to living on the edge is staying up until 11pm on a week night. -__- The older I get, the more fear is instilled in me. LOL I can’t handle heights like I used to. I can’t calmly and fearlessly kill spiders like I used to. Where did my mojo go?!

Anywho! Hope you enjoyed my squealing and what seems to be every single effing emotion one can experience on a roller coaster ride. *I freaking hate Perez, because he looks to damn cool the entire time. I CAN’T! ;P

*P.S. here’s a link to a couple of still shots from the ride:

They CRACK ME UP! Perez has the same excited emotion throughout the pics, meanwhile I’m FREA-KIN-OUT

-D ❤


What does the H in “JESUS H CHRIST!” stand for?
I’ve always wondered about that. Who came up with that?!

How do people work a full-time job with and a second job? Mad Propz!

How come I have such low energy? Why am I always tired?
8 hours… 5 hours… 10 hours of sleep and it makes no difference!

How come catfish and sea bass aren’t offered at sushi restaurants? Are they not raw fish eating material?

I’m waiting for a conference call… and this is what I do in the meantime.

“Even though I’m no more than a monster… Don’t I have the right to live?”

Hey! Hey!

So since I’m cooped up inside the house again because of snow, I figured I would write a blog about a movie suggestion.

If you want to see the ultimate revenge flick – Oldboy, directed by Chan-wook Park, is the one to see.

It’s a Korean foreign film which requires the reading of English subtitles. If you’re not a fan of foreign films or subtitles, I urge you to make an exception for this one. It’ll get you. But just to be on the safe side, I’ll give my overall taste in movies as a guide for you to gauge whether or not it’s right for you.

I can’t give you just one favorite movie, simply because I don’t believe there could ever be ONE movie that trumps all. Sure, there are some that I have a special place for and have no problem watching over and over and over again. But I can’t choose one.

It’s impossible.

Here’s just a snippet of my favorite films. I put them in chronological order, since I obviously can’t just choose one. I can’t even imagine putting in the brain power to weigh how much I like one more than the other. I’d be sitting here for days. There’s such a wide range! Anywho, I digress…

(1965) The Great Race
(1957) Twelve Angry Men
(1958) Vertigo
(1960) Psycho
(1961) West Side Story
(1992) Resevoir Dogs
(1993) Robin Hood: Men In Tights
(1994) Forrest Gump
(1997) Jackie Brown
(1999) The Mummy
(2004) Mean Girls
(2006) The Prestige
(2006) Inside Man
(2006) The Departed
(2008) The Dark Knight
(2009) Inglorious Bastards

I mean the list goes on and on….

No… but seriously

Again that’s only a snippet. Off the top of my head. As I’m looking at it now, I’m fighting myself from adding more in fear of other bloggers being all “YOU LIKE ____ BUT YOU DON’T LIKE ____?!?” or “YOU FORGOT _____!!!” Ahh I know. But it was just to give you a little background as to what I like. I don’t know if you can tell, but from that list – I tend to favor certain directors (i.e. Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan). I love story telling and I love characters. What I don’t like is heavy reliance on special effects and awful pretty-faced actors.

Now to get to the initial reason for this post, back to Oldboy. After viewing it, it kind of left me with the same feeling I had after watching Vertigo. You thought you knew what was coming and in the end, you had no idea!

It doesn’t just fool you once it fools you multiple times. See that’s what I love about movies. I’ve seen so many, these days I already know what’s going to happen before it happens because they seem to go by the same formula. But I like stories that grip me, that make me guess and make me forget what the normal routine of movie storylines and surprise me by the end.

I’m telling you Oldboy will do that. It’s revenge. The coldest dish I have ever seen served in a movie.

Warning: The movie is not for the faint of heart. There’s a fair share of disgusting violence. Scenes I wish they did not put in because of its blood,  carnage, and well something else but I can’t tell you without you watching it on your own.  Brace yourself. You might feel a little queasy at the end. And you probably should. With that being said, I cannot deny the story and I cannot deny the characters. It’s just that good. Don’t believe me? Check out the rottentomatoes review!  http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/oldboy/

So go see it! If you can.

I don’t know if they have it on  http://vodly.to
But if you can, today would be an awesome day. Especially for my fellow New Englanders.

This winter weather just won’t quit, man! 😦

And after you do – tell me what you think! 🙂 Also, I’d advise that you watch something light and funny after. You’ll see what I mean. LOL


Oh the Conspiracy!! When America Targets Their Own.

I saw a recent HBO documentary and had to reflect on it. It’s called the Newburgh Sting.

Now I’ve never been one to advocate or even listen to anti-government sentiments, but I tell ya this documentary will get a rise out of you. And if it doesn’t … well it should! It should make you angry. That’s our money people!!

It’s a story about the ultimate entrapment organized by none other than government agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation a.k.a the FBI.


Essentially, the documentary tells the tale of how four middle-aged black males were arrested and convicted on crimes of homegrown terrorism. In 2008, mass media reported that they were all Muslim men who met in prison and planned attacks against a mosque and US cargo planes. But somehow all was saved! The FBI had an informant in the group that helped thwart the fatal terrorist plots.

For me, this was one of the saddest documentaries that I have ever seen. Not boohoo-sobsob-streaming tears sad, but deflating sad. Like I said, I have never believed in U.S. conspiracy theories. I never want to think badly on our government –  that there’s a gross misuse of power and money in our freedom country. But this documentary shows otherwise. It’s similar to the feeling I had when I found out Santa wasn’t real. 😦 All the footage, can’t be denied. I can’t help myself. There are just so many things that frustrate me about it.

Oh hello, List of Frustrations:

– They weren’t all Muslim.

– They didn’t meet in prison.

– None of the four men were the criminal mastermind.

– The FBI Informant did ALL of the planning. He promised a 6 figure pay day, chose the targets, and supplied the weapons.

– The FBI Informant had an extremely sketchy background before becoming employed by the government.

– Surprise! Secret Sting! So secret ALL of the police and news were there at the scene to document this momentous event.

– The terrorist attacks weren’t done in the name of Allah, but in the name of CASHMONEY.

– It’s good to know that the justice system spent $$$$ to drive to an empty field, rig real bombs and blow up a car to demonstrate the damage that COULD have been done as evidence. Even though the four men were provided with tampered and ineffective bombs/missiles.

The power of mass media. Continued play on the story that four Muslim men devised an elaborate terrorist plot during their incarceration. The Trickle Down – from the head of FBI, NY Mayor, NY Commissioner… so it must be true.

– None of this would have ever happened, if Cromitie had never met the FBI Informant.

Did these men ultimately agree to join in on this plot? Yes.

Would plans have ever gotten as far as they did if not funded by the U.S. government? No.

I still want to believe in my government, that they serve to protect the American people.But by golly, I can’t say that I’m completely untouched by this documentary.

Invisible Women

Yassss! Sum City gets it right!

SUM City

One of the biggest stories to captivate entertainment headlines this year has been the emergence of Lupita Nyong’o. Her Oscar winning performance as Patsey in 12 Years a Slave catapulted her to the forefront of the public eye. Once there, she has developed almost a second career as the Queen of the Red Carpet, appearing at film festivals looking flawless in stunning gowns that designers are falling over themselves to dress her in. This summer she landed the cover of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful issue. Her Oscar acceptance speech about what defines beauty sparked a wave of affirmation from women around the world who fight daily to be seen as attractive and desirable within themselves when bombarded constantly with a narrow standard of beauty. Lupita is the most recent black female star to explode into pop culture but obviously she isn’t the only one. From Michele Obama to Olivia…

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‘Tis The Season for Holiday Sass! *Winter’s Best Someecards

People’s reactions to the creeping cold weather:

What are we if not incessant cry-babies when there's a change in weather. I am utterly guilty of this. -_-

What are we if not incessant cry-babies when there’s a change in weather. That being said, I am utterly guilty of this. -_-

Your holiday season just isn't complete without getting sick from the disgusting germs of EVERYWHERE or that blasted flu shot.

Your holiday season just isn’t complete without getting sick from the disgusting germs of EVERYWHERE or that blasted flu shot.

Going once! ... Going twice! ...

Going once! … Going twice! … FYI. Shaving often takes a backseat due to this season.

That Awkward Moment. When bundling up doesn't do what you want it to do...

That Awkward Moment. When bundling up doesn’t do what you want it to do…

The effect this season’s food has on our diet…

No. But. Seriously. The food from this season. NOM!NOM!NOM!

No. But. Seriously. The food from this season. NOM!NOM!NOM!


#SoGood #Can’tStop #MustEatMore #EatingMyFeelings

IDGAF what you call me! JUST GIVE ME THAT LATTE!!

IDGAF what you call me! JUST GIVE ME THAT LATTE!!

The Struggle of Buying Gifts



& Because I last year's present was a FAIL, I'll prevent my gift-giving suckery by NOTBUYINGYOUANYTHINGATALL!

& Because last year’s present was a FAIL, I prevent my gift-giving suckery by NOTBUYINGYOUANYTHINGATALL!

Or... Maybe I'll go the cheap route.

Or… Maybe I’ll go the cheap route. ‘Cause who doesn’t like pictures of themselves?! RIGHT!?

Or... I'll just keep this for mememememe. I mean I was here and it fit so...

Or… I’ll just keep this for mememememe. I mean I was here and it fit… so…

Because this season really does bring out the best in you.

If only I were so lucky. :/

If only I were so lucky. :/ I’m not the least bit optimistic about family gatherings.

Girrrrrrrl. Preach!

Girrrrrrrl. Preach!

Do I Have To? What's the limit for Secret Santa this year again? Can I spare a PTO day??

“Do I Have To? What’s the limit for Secret Santa this year again? Can I spare a PTO day??”


Doh! Come on, Mistletoe! Work your Christmasy Magic!

I am LAZY AS F$#& already. So you can imagine what I'm like in the Winter. Straight Hibernating.

I am LAZY AS F$#& already. So you can imagine what I’m like in the Winter. Straight Hibernating.

TMZ breaking news: SAY WHAT?!?

TMZ breaking news: SAY WHAT?!?

And last but not least:

;P Blame It On The Sno-Uh-Uh-Uh-Oh-Oh-Oh, Baby!

;P Blame It On The Sno-Uh-Uh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Uh-Oh, Baby!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry! … What the?!

 A Merry Disney Christmas to You!!

Yeah! You read that right! DISNEY! Holy themed Christmas Tree! 😍😜

Happy Holidays, Blogosphere!