Eminem for Feminist of the Year 2014! Best Rapper of All Time!

EXTRA! EXTRA! Eminem says he’ll “punch Lana Del Rey” in freestyle

So when I saw all these headlines reading, “Eminem rhymes that he wants to punch Lana Del Rey in the face” I was like, 😮 I gotta see what this is all about. Let me see for myself!

(Eminem freestyle starts at 11:54)

This is what I have to say about his freestyle. The whole time I watched and listened I thought GOT DAMN this guy could rap for days – rhymes on rhymes, bars on bars. The man is a pure word genius. But I won’t lie. As a self-proclaimed feminist, I cringe when I hear lyrics of domestic violence, violence against women, or really any kind of violence ‘cause I’m a big ol’ softy.

NOOO dont hit me

But here’s what you have to realize about Eminem. Throughout his entire rap career, he has consistently expressed himself via controversial lyrics. He’s never shied away from topics regarding murder, homophobia or misogynist-stained content. That is who he is. No, it is not fair to ask the general public to simply accept him for who he is, flaws and all.  Do I wish he would use his awesomeful-amazeballs rap skills and legendary fame for good? YES! I would LOVE that. Like damn! This man is a rap god AND he’s sensitive to the world’s social, economical, and political atmosphere?! If that were so I would claim him, wear all of his paraphernalia ANY and EVERYWHERE without shame (which reminds me I need to do that for John Legend – God, love that man for claiming himself a feminist and equal rights enthusiast). But alas, I cannot rep him like that. Not all “celebrities” can serve as role models. I know people argue that we should hold them to a higher standard and at some level I do agree. However, some celebs genuinely don’t intend to be a role model, from the very beginning –case in point, Eminem. I digress! You are asking WAY too much from Em, for politically correct, empowering and egalitarian lyrics. You’re just not being realistic.

I do wonder sometimes though. I know in interviews he has said that he views himself as father first and a rapper second. But I’m most curious to hear what his daughters think of his lyrics. Do they realize that they are overwhelmingly angsty and violent toward women? If so do they agree? Or do they all just understand that he does it to boost his career as a provocative rap artist? Hmm… I wonder. I really do. In any case, before you get all riled up about his offensive lyrics, remember who you’re fuming at. He hasn’t changed since he entered the scene. He’ll always be the real Slim Shady, the angry-womanizing-explicitly-vulgar rapper that will shred you to pieces in seconds with his quick and unmatched “word crimes”.

With that I shall end with this positive image:

no violence know peace

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