I’ve Since Lost My Moxy!


I got the chance to ride the brand new revamped roller coaster ride, Wicked Cyclone, at Six Flags New England this past Wednesday. The perks of knowing a radio DJ! 🙂 They setup a gopro for riders in the very first car and recorded our reaction throughout the ride! LMAO I’m still alive today to share this video with you!

*My face at 2:01 though!! ROFL (Do people still use this acronym? Am I dating myself?)

When I was younger, I used to be the little daredevil. Like “BRING IT ON!!! I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF DANGER!!”
These days, the closest thing I get to living on the edge is staying up until 11pm on a week night. -__- The older I get, the more fear is instilled in me. LOL I can’t handle heights like I used to. I can’t calmly and fearlessly kill spiders like I used to. Where did my mojo go?!

Anywho! Hope you enjoyed my squealing and what seems to be every single effing emotion one can experience on a roller coaster ride. *I freaking hate Perez, because he looks to damn cool the entire time. I CAN’T! ;P

*P.S. here’s a link to a couple of still shots from the ride:

They CRACK ME UP! Perez has the same excited emotion throughout the pics, meanwhile I’m FREA-KIN-OUT

-D ❤

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