Ms. D is:

  • A member of Generation Y, YOB: 1990 to be exact.

::Cher Voice:: If I could turn back tiiiiiiime!

  • A native of CT.
  • A self-proclaimed feminist. You better believe it! 😉
  • The laziest lady to exist on the planet. I think it work of clothing shopping and trying outfits on in the dressing room.

::Jimmy Fallon Voice:: Ehw!

  • Team Batman. Batman > Superman x73747282927! I speak the TRUTH!
  • New York Yankee Fan Bred. I really had no choice. The entire family resides in NY.
  • An animal lover, ESPECIALLY of dogs.

Puppies!!Puppies!!Puppies!!My puppies!! (Finding Nemo)

  • A fiend for carbs. Rice! (OBVI) Pasta! and Bread! Mmmmm!
  • A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup junkie. I’ll eat them all until I feel sick. It’s called ZERO self control.
  • A Film Addict. Guilty of regularly quoting movie lines in real life conversations. I favor older movies as opposed to “today’s” visually stimulating/CGI motion pictures.
  • Considered “odd” by many, “funny” by few.

Mock! YEAH Ing! YEAH Bird! YEAH Yeah! YEAH

  • Ultimately SEARCHING for purpose. At the ripe young age of (what’s my age again?), I am still experiencing feelings of loss. I need to be able to express myself  creatively and really… all I want to do is make people laugh.

For a jester’s chief employment /is to kill himself for your enjoyment! –The Court Jester (Danny Kaye)

So kick back, relax and enjoy the SILLINESS of this page! ❤


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