They Say “Sharing Is Caring” & So Share I Shall!

self esteem

*Try saying this blog post title 3 times fast! I dare ya!

Don’t Worry. Be Happy. ūüôā


Like Totally OMG! Like I Heart Nerds!

I heart nerds quote


&& The same goes for¬†when a beautiful/hot girl puts glasses on in a picture and¬†captions it,¬†“being a nerd ūüėõ“. ¬† -_-


Stick This In Your Juice box and Suck It!

Jealousy_Anti Feminist

But, seriously though. I’m talking about that pure, unadulterated jealousy. Not that, “Oh my gosh. S/he is so rich!¬†I am so jealous!” When you admit it out loud like that, it’s not malicious. That cold and selfish¬†jealousy¬†I’m referring to,¬†consists of ill-willed feelings and the celebration of¬†other peoples’ failures. It’s dark and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be overpowered by it.

I CAN NOT stand when women have a strong dislike or even hatred for other women, just because she’s another “pretty woman”. When I see how mean women are to each other, I just want to scream.

What is that? Why is that?
That SH*T feeds into that catty female stereotype.
It’s not just a woman thing. Men are guilty of it¬†as well.

So you’re jealous of your co-worker’s relationship with the boss. It’s understandable, especially if your boss plays favorites. BUT don’t be PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE. In the past, I have been guilty of such feelings and passive-aggressive behavior but I learned that it got me ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE.

I’m tired of this mean-spirited behavior.¬†Let’s all just love one another! Let’s all support the dreams and desires of others! Please? ūüė¶