I’ve Since Lost My Moxy!


I got the chance to ride the brand new revamped roller coaster ride, Wicked Cyclone, at Six Flags New England this past Wednesday. The perks of knowing a radio DJ! ūüôā They setup a gopro for riders in the very first car and recorded our reaction throughout the ride! LMAO I’m still alive today to share this video with you!

*My face at 2:01 though!! ROFL (Do people still use this acronym? Am I dating myself?)

When I was younger, I used to be the little daredevil. Like “BRING IT ON!!! I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF DANGER!!”
These days, the closest thing I get to living on the edge is staying up until 11pm on a week night. -__- The older I get, the more fear is instilled in me. LOL I can’t handle heights like I used to. I can’t calmly and fearlessly kill spiders like I used to. Where did my mojo go?!

Anywho! Hope you enjoyed my squealing and what seems to be every single effing emotion one can experience on a roller coaster ride. *I freaking hate Perez, because he looks to damn cool the entire time. I CAN’T! ;P

*P.S. here’s a link to a couple of still shots from the ride:

They CRACK ME UP! Perez has the same excited emotion throughout the pics, meanwhile I’m FREA-KIN-OUT

-D ‚̧


Be Better Than Me. Be Optimistic.

^^Article: Australian TV Anchor Wears Same Suit Every Day For A Year To Prove Sexism Is Going Strong

If you guys haven’t already heard this awesome awesomefullerest story – this man wore his blue suit every day while his female co-anchor wore different outfits for each “Today” Show. It’s a fact that women are scrutinized for their outer appearance much harshly than men. I really do commend Karl¬†Stefanovic for bringing light to this. ::raised hands:: ::raised hands:: Three cheers for Karl!!

Here’s the thing though. I’m so glad. So very glad he did this. And may there be more men like him in the world. But then I think “What Now?” I’m afraid that this clear demonstration of appearance double standards is REAL but I’m not sure what people will do with the highlight. I’m sorry I sound like such a Debbie Downer. (I’m trying to be more optimistic!) I HOPE that people will take this¬†as more than, “Oh that’s so weird that he got away with that.” I want people to understand that you have to do something¬†with this information.¬†None of this, “That’s not me. It’s never happened to me. So it doesn’t affect me.LEARN! Learn from this experience! We all can!

Ladies! One of the worst things women do is tear each other down. We’re so much more than that. You and the woman next to you are more than those “in season” colors and those¬†shoes that make the outfit. You’re smart/kind/charming/hilarious/and everything smarvelous under the sun! You’re not just another pretty face! Don’t get me wrong, makeup and pretty clothes¬†can be fun, but don’t judge based on the superficial. It gets us nowhere!

Mens! Don’t ignore this news story! The world needs better people! The world needs you! I need you! I’m not sure if this will make any difference, but any man that understands the¬†obstacles women face is a hero to me, even moreso if he understands the obstacles men face. ūüėČ In fact, I¬†worship the ground you walk upon. I know that would piss off some of my fellow feminists but, hey we’re not equals YET so presently I can appreciate/praise a man who gets it. ūüėÄ

Final Thought: Feminism goes both ways. Women shouldn’t be viewed as thoughtless¬†uber-sensitive¬†“barbie” dolls¬†and Men shouldn’t be viewed as emotionless chauvinists. Now, let us break the stereotypes and frolic together!¬†


Because You Needed a Good Laugh-Til-You-Cry Today

Find more hilarious videos and social change content of FCKH8 at FCKH8.com

I know I’ve bombarded you with feminism in my last three posts rolleyes¬†and I’m not just saying this but.. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!¬†

Cute little girls swearing like sailors and using the cuss words correctly =¬†PRICELESS.¬†¬†Not to mention it’s for a good cause!¬†mrgreen

I hope this made your day as much as it did mine. lol